Monday, September 10, 2012

Big boys and their marketing toys

The new Carlton Draught tv ad is ridiculous.

If you’re a petty criminal lugging round a decent haul of cash in an American metropolis and drinking CD do you get away with it? Obviously shot in the states replicating some of the movie car chase scenes, I wouldn’t be surprised if XXXX follow up with something like this, extreme stormwater kayaking?

The Pub? I'd challenge you to find a CD branded bar like that anywhere in the continental USA. Bring it a little closer to home at least fellas.

Whats more, is the average CD drinker that dumb or amused by such an ad? Clearly the marketing boffins think so, which if I were a CD drinker (I am not), I'd take offence at.

Could you argue that the ad glorifies drink driving?
Yes I know they aren’t actually driving cars, nor do they ever take a sip, but the implication is apparent and even brewers don't drive around the place with a full glass in hand (unless it's a really hot day and you're on the forklift).

We've got some ads coming out shortly and they're so close to home that brewery employees not only star in the ads (well their hands and lips anyway) but also hold camera, get to yell “action” and sit in the directors chair. Stay tuned.

If you find the Carlton Draught ad humorous or effective, good for you. But for me it's simply the same old formula of:

    Marketing Bullshit
Shit beer =       --------------------------         X      lowest common denominator
                       Huge budget +(no sense)2

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